Client Alerts 01/06/2022

TJSP defines which DARE guides must be paid on the day they are issued

We inform you that on 05/26/2022, the Internal Affairs Department of the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJSP) released the statement nº 89/2022, establishing that from 06.01. majority of procedural costs in São Paulo, distributions, resources, among others) issued will have as their due date the day of their issuance (D+0), with the exception of cases in which the issuance of the guides occurs on a non-business day , at which point, the expiration date will be automatically extended to the first subsequent business day.

In view of the content of the statement, this Tuesday (31/05/2022) the OAB / SP sent a letter to the Judge President of the TJSP requesting the change of the new rule. So far, there is no change in the scenario, and the Almeida Advogados team is closely monitoring the evolution of the matter.

As this is a sensitive and impacting change for all companies that litigate in the State of São Paulo with a possible impact on their payment provisions, we suggest evaluating the new rule for possible adaptations that will need to be made in the legal and financial departments, in order to no losses occur in the actions in progress.

We clarify that the measure covers solely and exclusively the lawsuits that are being processed before the TJSP, both in the first degree and in the second degree of jurisdiction.

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Authors: partner Andréa Seco and lawyer Danielly Freire Teles