Compliance and Corporate Governance

Compliance and Corporate Governance: Fundamental Tools for Successful Business Strategies

Facing increased global regulations, competition and pressure from shareholders, companies must continuously generate profits without sacrificing compliance. Almeida Advogados assists our clients to pursue and achieve both objectives concurrently. They need to be structured so as to achieve internal balance based on solid corporate governance and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. Compliance programs remain key to avoiding government fines or damage to a company's reputation.

Our team has extensive experience in creating, implementing, evaluating and updating Compliance Programs. Based on the main anti-corruption laws in the world, such as Federal Law 12.846 / 2013, FCPA, UKBA, Loi Sapin II, among others, in addition to the CGU, COAF, CVM, DOJ, and OFAC guidelines, in addition to following the application of Compliance Programs for customers from different industries and with varying risks.

We also have specialists in corporate law, and we take into account ESG metrics and best Corporate Governance practices when assembling and updating the Compliance Programs.

Between 5 and 11
Odd number of advisers recommended sitting on the companies’ board of directors by the BICG by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC)
0.1% to 20%
of a company’s gross sales: Percentage value of fines applicable under Brazil’s Anticorruption Law (Law No. 12,846/2013)

We rely not only on our decades of collective experience, but also on the latest in established corporate governance practices in Brazil and abroad, including those published by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG).

Our partnership with Globalaw allows us to participate in global negotiations in a coordinated manner, and with efficiency gains for our clients in their efforts to investigate, produce documents, and negotiate with authorities in various jurisdictions.

Almeida Advogados has a trained team to support national and foreign clients in the development of Compliance solutions in line with global best practices.

Examples of Almeida Advogados’ compliance and corporate governance solutions include:

  • Assessing operational risks, such as those related to corruption, bribery, fraud, cartel, money laundering, internal controls and conflicts of interest;

  • Drafting, implementing and reviewing a company’s internal policies, including its code of ethics, code of conduct, governance rules and other policies aimed at reducing operational risks;

  • Preparing, implementing and reviewing compliance programs;

  • Carrying out due diligence as part of ongoing corporate operations;

  • Representing clients in negotiating leniency agreements with government authorities;

  • Helping to create channels for lodging complaints, as well as conducting internal investigations;

  • Adapting compliance and other programs for use in a Brazilian context (including culture and legislation);

  • Communicating and offering training on internal company policies.

  • Mapping of anti-corruption risks and prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, in accordance with applicable legislation and guidelines;

  • Creation, evaluation and updating of PLDFT Programs for companies under the regulation of COAF, CVM and BACEN, with special attention to the recent regulatory instructions and guidelines;

  • Due Diligences of third parties in general, including for M&A projects (pre / post-closing with the conclusion of Compliance Framework Agreements), and for compliance with PLDFT obligations;

  • Monitoring of compliance programs monitoring as an obligation agreed with authorities.

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