Labor, Employment and Social Security

Expert Representation in Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and employment lawyers play an important role in maintaining a balanced relationship between companies, executives and employees, including on matters of executive compensation.

With offices throughout Brazil, our firm prides itself on handling a significant number of lawsuits based on a standardized approach emphasizing high-quality representation and efficiently centralized information.

891.182labor lawsuits opened in 2021 in Brazil

Almeida Advogados' team assists both Brazilian and foreign clients operating throughout the country on litigation and advisory matters, including:

  • Advising on labor legislation and collective bargaining agreements;

  • Reviewing, planning, drafting and amending individual and collective employment contracts, for all levels of employees;

  • Analyzing plans and benefits, such as profit sharing and/or income plans, stock option plans, voluntary redundancy and variable compensation plans in general;

  • Providing representation before regional labor offices, settlement councils, trade unions and professional associations;

  • Managing and advising on labor claims, while assisting clients to define strategies;

  • Evaluating employment-related risks;

  • Managing and advising on administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Prosecutor's Office;

  • Undertaking labor law-related due diligence;

  • Advising clients on agreements and collective bargaining, trade union negotiations and collective disputes;

  • Guiding clients on compliance with safety and hygiene norms at work;

  • Analyzing, planning and monitoring the collection of Social Security contributions;

  • Advising on the implementation of private pension plans, health care plans and general assistance plans;

  • Counseling on the outsourcing of services and contracting of suppliers and independent representatives;

  • Drafting, implementing and reviewing salary schemes and benefits;

  • Preparing and revising incentive plans (bonuses, stock options, restricted stock units and profit sharing plans).

  • Obtaining work visas for foreigners, as well as hiring and transferring expatriate employees (Brazilians or foreigners) abroad.

  • Drafting, implementing and reviewing variable compensation plans, based on a system of shared earnings and results.

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