Criminal Compliance

Compliance implementation is now a prerequisite in all economical sectors in Brazil. “Criminal Compliance” as it is known in Brazil involves matters such as White Collar financial, fiscal and money-laundering investigation and prevention. Our diverse service areas enable our clients to meet the requisite criminal compliance standards.

We offer our clients a full range of legal services, from business consulting to alternative dispute resolution and litigation, providing:

  • High-level corporate law specialization

  • Personalized service

  • Representation throughout Brazil and abroad

Service Areas
  • Compliance Program Implementation: Includes risk assessment, ethics code drafting and training

  • Pre-existing Compliance Program Review: Review and assessment of adequacy and recommendation for appropriate application of enhancements and developments

  • Anti-corruption Due Diligence: Ensuring anti-corruption compliance procedures minimizing corruption risk and assuring anti-corruption standards compliance

  • Investigations: Detecting misconduct and violations

  • Training: Educating on laws and regulations and company policies at all hierarchical company and employment levels

  • Compliance Outsourcing: Specialized knowledge reviews and management, with possible ongoing consulting

  • Criminal Investigation: State and Federal Police and prosecutorial authority coordination and intervention

  • Criminal Litigation: State and Federal, handling a full range of cases to the most sophisticated and complex, including providing strategic advice

  • Consulting: Legal opinion, risk assessment, crisis management

  • Corruption and Money Laundering: Active and passive corruption, money laundering and associated criminal matters, including those of federal police and prosecutor operations; Bidding illegalities; High-profile proven experience: Lava Jato (Car Wash), Operation Inversão (Federal Police corruption) and other significant matters

  • Consumer Fraud and other Crimes Against the Consumer: Complex consumer fraud and other Brazilian Consumer Defense Code crimes against the consumer matters

  • Intellectual Property Crimes: Brazilian Industrial Property Law violation matters; High-profile proven experience “Operation Chabu,” for example (violation of Santa Catarina police investigation confidentiality)

  • Crimes Against Employees: Labor regulation violation matters, including employment fraud, social security fraud, insurance fraud

  • Cyber Crime: All crimes committed over the Internet, including malware and other forms of criminal hijacking, personal information theft, spam sending, phishing scams, bank account targeting; High-profile proven experience “Operation Chabu,” for example (violation of Santa Catarina police investigation confidentiality)

  • Tax Crimes: Tax evasion and other Brazilian Economic Crime Law crimes; High-profile proven experience with tax crime federal police and prosecutor operations (Operations evolving tax crimes, e.g., the “Máfia dos Alvarás” (Planning Approval Mafia) operation

  • Environmental Crimes: Violation of Brazilian Environmental Crimes Law, including illicit hazardous waste trade, environmental crimes affecting air, water and soil quality, criminal group diverting of resources

  • Criminal Defamation Law: The Brazilian Penal Code considers certain speech as crime. In Brazil, defamation is a crime and includes defamation, slander, and “injury offending the dignity of another person. Typically involves cyber crime.

  • Criminal Competition Law Violation: Includes price fixing, bid rigging, customer allocation and other forms of criminal anticompetitive conduct; Proven experience with leniency program corporate and individual cartel activity reporting and cooperation

  • Life Sciences and Healthcare-related Crime: Healthcare fraud and scam major Federal Police and Federal Prosecutor’s Office Operation investigation participation, including relative to high-profile and ongoing prosthetic, stent, implant “mafia” and related cartel operations

  • Major Federal Police and Federal Prosecutor`s Office Operations: High-profile and significant Federal Police and Federal Prosecutor`s Office investigation participation; Congressional and Senate Parliamentary Investigating Committee investigation and reporting participation

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